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About Us

Stated Objectives:

  • To help our clients become financially independent.
  • To provide encouragement and help in the difficult task of being good stewards of your finances.

History & Who We Are:

Since 1969, RJT Insurance and Investments has been helping people with life and disability insurance, annuities and tax shelters. The business started from real life examples that showed the importance and need especially for life insurance. One example was when Bob had gone to see a client's brother and tell him the importance of life insurance. After the client purchased life insurance, he died in a car accident just three months later and the life insurance paid off the house, all the debt, and helped his wife and three children live despite the income loss.

In 2005, the company changed its name to Mortgage Freedom & Financial Services, Inc. Since then it has acquired or affiliated itself with a broad family of financial services. This has been done to best exemplify its own money-management philosophy and help every client with all aspects of their financial plan. Mortgage Freedom & Financial Services, Inc. now offers a wide spectrum of financial planning.

Bob Tomeoni

Sandi, my wife, and I have lived in Oregon since May 20th, 1980. We have 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Serving on the board of YMCA, Presidents Council of Luis Palau, Youth for Christ, and the priviledge of being on 93.9 KPDQ since 1993.