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We can help you increase and gaurantee your retirement income

At Mortgage Freedom & Financial Services, our goal is to help our clients become financially independent. We provide help and encouragement in the difficult task of being good stewards of our finances. Our core values drive us to treat every client with honesty and respect.

10-10-10-70 rule

This one rule to balance your finances is the driving force for our strategic planning.


Bob Tomeoni

Bob has devoted his career since 1969 to helping people grow and secure a guaranteed lifetime income.


Typical Questions

Will I outlive my retirement income?
Where is the safest place for my retirement income?



Since 1969, RJT Insurance and Investments has been helping people with life and disability insurance, annuities and tax shelters. The business started from real life examples that showed the importance and need especially for life insurance. One example was when Bob had gone to see a client's brother and tell him the importance of life insurance. After the client purchased life insurance, he died in a car accident just three months later and the life insurance paid off the house, all the debt, and helped his wife and three children live despite the income loss.


Just a note to thank you for all your help, you made getting insurance a pleasant event. I had been putting off getting some different insurance for quite a while because I didn't want to go to all the trouble to haggle about prices and such. When we went to your office you were very professional and presented me with several options and just made everything very clear so it was easy for me to make a decision. Weeks later after we had to make an unexpected trip out of state because of a death in the family, upon return we were surprised to find in our pile of mail, instead of bills, a gift card thanking me for coming into your office and you helping me get the proper life insurance policy. This came at such an appropriate time as we were still sad over the loss of our loved one. It was God's work again being done by man (you). I had a great time picking out my gift. It was really hard with so many choices, but at the same time so much fun. Every time I use it I will remember you, and the great job you did for me. Thanks again and I will be sure to refer anyone I know who needs any of your services your way. God Bless
— Mitzi K.

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